Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2022 in Hobart, IN.

Welll what to say when there’s just soo much to say! Amber we thank you sooooo very much from the bottom of our hearts!! This home may not have been our dream home! BUT U DEFINITELY MADE OUR DREAM COME TRUE! and so smoothly and easily!! It was almost so easy and smooth it was almost as if it wasn’t real! Until today! Amber one of your best qualities is that you come as yourself! You don’t try to be overly professional to where we feel uncomfortable. You were yourself all the way thru and we really appreciate that! You made sure we understood everything and you were always there to answer questions or to ease our minds! Or to just chit chat! So again, thank you Amber… really honest to god thank you for making our dream COME TRUE!! S&J is lucky to have you shoot anyone would be lucky to have you.. keep being you always! And most certainly don’t change a thing! Cuz well ONCE AGAIN YOUR AMAZINGNESSSS!!! And my kids love you!! Lol had to throw that in there haha